&nbsp Jobs to do in the garden in February &nbsp

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Cut back deciduous grasses that were left uncut over winter

Remove any dead grass from evergreen grasses

Prune wisteria

Prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering

Tie back twining climbers like clematis & honeysuckle

Prune hardy evergreen hedges like Laurel, privet & buxus

Prepare vegetable seed beds

Sow some vegetable seeds under cover

Sprinkle some fertiliser around perennials, shrubs & roses. We recommend fish blood & bone for best results

Deadhead pansies & viola to keep them flowering for longer

Cut off old leaves of hellebores

Now is the time to divide your clumps of herbaceous perennials ( cottage garden plants)

Prepare your beds for new roses

Clear up your weedy beds

Mulch your established borders

Don’t forget to check your container plants, they may need to be watered

Top up pots & containers with fresh compost